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PR1 Pre-Filter Cartridges for Whole House (4-PACK)

Replacement Cartridge for PFWH Whole House Pre-Filter System
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Retail $105.99
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Retail $105.99
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(You save $36.04 )


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Product Highlights

  • 20" Sediment Pre-Filter Cartridges - 4-PACK
  • 1 Micron Particle Retention Size
  • Protects Main Filtration System from Dirt & Sediment
  • Easy Filter Cartridge Replacement


WaterChef® Whole House Pre-Filter Cartridges

Protect Your Whole House Filtration System

The WaterChef PR1 Whole House Pre-Filter Cartridge filters out dirt, sand and sediment particles, preventing them from entering and clogging your main whole house water filtration system catridge.

PR1 Cartridge should be replaced every 3-6 months or when you notice a significant decrease in flow rate. Actual cartridge life depends on water quality and sediment levels.

The WaterChef PR1 Pre-Filter Cartridge has a particle retention size of 1 micron and is compatible with most standard 20" sediment pre-filter housings.



Protects Your Main Filtration System from Sediment
Compatible with Most Standard 20" Pre-Filter Housings
Depending on Water Quality and Sediment Levels

Based on testing data with typical water contitions. Actual performance may vary.

I absolutely love my WaterChef filter system! Not only do they make great quality products, but their customer service is the best! More companies need to treat their customers like WaterChef does.

5 star rating



Discover the Difference


  • Pre-Filter Protects Your Whole House Filtration System Cartridge
  • Traps Dirt and Sediment Particles
  • 3-6 Month Capacity Depending on Sediment Levels
  • BPA Free
  • Easy Filter Cartridge Replacement
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  • 5-Star Customer Care! (We stand behind our products AND our customers!)



Because the Details Matter

  • WaterChef® PR1

  • Whole House Pre-Filter

  • WaterChef® PFWH Whole House
    Pre-Filter System

  • 20" L x 4.5" D

  • 1 Micron

  • Replace every 3-6 months depending on sediment levels

  • 90 psig

  • 39º F - 113º F (4º C - 45º C)


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The PR1 Pre-Filter Cartridge should be replaced every 3-6 months or when you notice a significant decrease in flow rate. Actual cartridge life depends on water quality and sediment levels.

NO. Beneficial minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) pass freely through the filter, leaving you with water that is both great tasting and naturally balanced.

NO. TDS is a poor measure of water quality. TDS in drinking water is usually attributed to the amount of calcium, potassium, and magnesium that is present in your water supply. These are beneficial minerals that are known to support good health. WaterChef systems have been specifically designed to reduce unwanted contaminants while leaving these beneficial minerals in.

Trusted Water Filtration

Superior quality and performance, backed by independent validation.

  • Tested and Certified
  • Water Quality
  • WQ Member
  • Planet
  • Made In USA
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